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Showhorse.Co was developed to serve and connect show horse enthusiasts from a broad scope of involvement in the show and performance horse industry. While ShowHorse.Co general members and visitors may be from varying levels of activity within the industry, advertising members (whether professional or non-professional) should be firmly established in the industry.

Horses advertised on ShowHorse.Co should have a pedigree that indicates breeding for the purpose of performing in one or more of the disciplines supported by the associations below. Their pedigrees and training should reflect this unless they are being sold in another capacity also utilized by the industry (i.e. A turn-back horse).

Professionals advertising businesses should be verifiably active and in good standing with the one or more of the associations listed below.

What makes us different?

Our advertisers are industry specialists, open, non-pro, and amateur competitors, professionals, owners, breeders and agents actively involved in one or more of the industries listed below.

ShowHorse.Co general members may be any of the following: show horse or performance horse enthusiasts, breeders, competitors, professionals, and/or owners involved in or seeking to become involved in one or more associations listed below.

By joining ShowHorse.Co, you agree to our Terms of Services,
Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

You must be verifiably involved in one or more the following associations as a
competitor, breeder, owner, vendor, agent or other similar support capacity.


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