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Game Ready Equine

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Game Ready Equine is the secret weapon of top riders and veterinarians for preventing injury in their horses and speeding recovery from a multitude of ailments. The Game Ready System is used for post-workout therapy, chronic lameness, acute lameness, cellulitis, tendonitis, pre- and post-operative care, bowed tendons, stocked-up legs, wind puffs, and more.

The Game Ready® Equine System is an advanced application of the RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), proven physical therapy and athletic training principles used by human athletes. RICE has been shown to reduce pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and swelling, ultimately allowing for quicker and better healing and injury recovery. Until now, ice (cold) and compression have been the most difficult parts of this regimen to administer to a horse, creating a treatment gap.

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Clinton Anderson

Todd Crawford

Ron & Patty Ralls

Bob Avila

Sean McBurney

Carol Rose


Sandy Bonelli

Chris Cox

Matt Gaines

Jim VanGilder

Lindy Burch

Jerry Durant

Tim Smith

Game Ready Equine


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